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Integrated Health Sciences

The Integrated Health Sciences (IHS) degree program is designed for students that have an interest in the medical field but may be unsure of which medical career path is right for them. 

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The core curriculum is designed to teach you about different medical components, as well as inter-professional collaboration and the interpersonal relationships with the patients or clients with a special emphasis placed on promoting cultural competency and sensitivity for the needs of underserved populations.

The three available concentration options allow you to focus on an area of interest in either Health Management, Health and Wellness or Pre-Professional.

Our graduates are prepared to fill various roles that support healthy living in hospitals, non-profit organizations, school systems, physician offices, health and wellness facilities, health departments, rehabilitation centers, human resources, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities and numerous other positions across the healthcare industry.

IHS Concentrations

In addition to Western Carolina University's liberal studies core courses and the IHS core curriculum, students must complete 24 hours in one of three concentrations.

Degree Requirements, Curriculum Guide, and Course Descriptions

Health Management

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Covering a broad range of courses, students in the Health Management concentration will study marketing, finance, accounting, and, communication as it pertains to the health industry.

Students from this concentration may find themselves in positions such as Healthcare Administration, Medical Office Administration, Healthcare Human Resource Administration or Healthcare Operations.

Eight Semester PLan with Milestones for B.S. in ihS - Health Management

Health and Wellness

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Students who choose the Health and Wellness will focus on health and physical wellness, fitness, anatomy, and physiology. Depending on your career direction, you should consider any prerequisites that may be needed for credentials or certificates.

Students from this concentration may find themselves in positions such as Fitness and Exercise Sciences, Health Education, Community Health Education or Health Organization.

Eight Semester Plan with Milestones for B.S. in IHS - Health and Wellness


Pre-Professional Concentration, students in Athletic Training


This concentration is ideal for students who want to focus on prerequisite courses with the aim of pursuing a professional graduate program in Athletic Training, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, or Physician Assistant.

Students in this concentration will choose 16 of their hours based on the prerequisites needed for graduate or professional program admission. An internship or observation hours may be required for students in the pre-professional track as part of the admission to a graduate program.

Eight Semester Plan with Milestones for B.S. in IHS - Pre-Professional

IHS - Pre-professional Concentration Guide

IHS Faculty

Dr. Beth Woodard, Teaching Associate Professor, IHS Program Director

Dr. Katherine Pincura, Teaching Assistant Professor 

Dr. Brook Alemu, Assistant Professor

Dr. Chelsea Weddle, Teaching Assistant Professor

Dr. Aubrey Ray Dalana, Assistant Professor

Dr. Caitlin Torrence, Assistant Professor

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